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Serving Chicagoland and the entire suburban area.

A cornice is a distinctive architectural "crown" that adds to the life of the masonry wall behind it and to the aesthetic appeal of the building that supports it.

We handle all phases of copper cornice installation: design, fabrication, erection and removal of scaffolding, removal of the old metal, replacement of the support structure, and installation of the new metal moldings. We can duplicate the exact design of an existing cornice, or lower the overall cost of the work by simplifying the design and eliminating minor but labor-intensive details.

We also repair old galvanized iron and copper cornices, duplicating missing sections of moldings, stampings, or decorative brackets. We close off openings made by years of rust and physical destruction caused by nature, not only extending the life of the cornice, but also of the building which would otherwise suffer from unnecessary exposure to the elements.

The most common repairs are the replacement of top decks and closure of holes to birds. Replacement of the top deck prevents water from leaking into the interior of the cornice and destroying it from the inside. Closure of access to birds prevents rust from the acidity of their accumulated droppings.

We work closely with painters, erecting optimal scaffolding layouts and creating a cornice ready for sanding, priming and painting - perfect for a Victorian “painted lady” effect.

To learn more about cornices, and Albert J. Wagner and Son's quality craftsmanship, please visit our Glossary.